Oxford Wedding Band

Looking for a wedding band to play at your wedding party? Have you thought about a ceilidh band and a disco, or hiring an Oxford party band as a live dukebox? Maybe you should try something even better ...

"You can't go wrong with a Hoolie!"

Why is a Hoolie perfect for my Wedding Party?

Saedly Dorus & the Hoolie Band playing at an Oxford WeddingSimple. Our wedding band will thump out cracking disco tunes overlaid with traditional and original folk tunes to get you and your wedding party dancing through the night. Our band includes folk whistle, accordion and fiddle front line, with the funky Hoolie Band rhythm section of bass, drums, keys and guitar.

Ceilidhs are a cracking way to get your wedding party flying. Your guests need something special to get them all on to their feet. Our sets feature familiar riffs and foot-stomping beats, and we can tailor the dances on the fly to suit the mood of the party crowd. Dances typically involve energetic moves in pairs or groups, but there is plenty of room for grooving in their own imitable style. There are loads of Oxford ceilidhs and Oxford-based ceilidh bands, but we're pretty sure that you won't find anything quite like us!

Steph, our caller, will help everyone with the dance steps, then the band kick in ... but instead of straight jigs and reels you'll also get cracking disco bass lines, groovy guitar licks and syncopated drum beats.

We're all about Oxford & Oxfordshire

All the members of the band come from around Oxford. We regularly perform at public disco ceilidh gigs all over Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Worcestershire and London. We go further afield too but we love to play in our home county.

Saedly Dorus & the Hoolie Band have played at loads of weddings and we know how to vary our set to suit any audience. We can also help suggest a jazz band or DJ if you would like other bands at your wedding party.

So if you're planning a your wedding party in or around Oxford get in touch and get some Hoolie in your matrimony.